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Create a foreign trade "vanguard" and be a open"bridgehead"
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From the beautiful coastal town of China to the eastern Africa, from a start-up capital of 10 million yuan to achieving trade revenue of more than 1 billion yuan, Weihai Huatan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. used only 3 years. Since its foundation in 2019, Huatan company has achieved a leap from zero to prosper during the short period of three years with steady steps to create an amazing development trajectory.

In June this year, the Chamber of Commerce of East Africa Commercial and Logistics Center signed a memorandum of economic and trade cooperation framework agreement with Wendeng District government with the promotion of Huatan company. In this agreement, a wide field corporations has been reached, including infrastructure construction, economic and trade, agricultural production, and cultural communication.This will further strengthen the inter-corporation and promote the economic and trade between Wendeng District and Tanzania to a new stage.   

On September 26th, 2022, Wendeng TV conducted an in-depth interview with Weihai Huatan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

Liu Baoliang, the legal representative of Weihai Huatan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. said:

In fact, we have been committed to promoting the economic and trade development and friendly non-governmental communication between China and Tanzania, through building a bridge of cooperation to jointly promote the better development of two party. This time, "holding hands" with the Chamber of Commerce of East Africa Commercial and Logistics Center is the latest proof of win-win cooperation under the framework of the Sino-African Cooperation Forum and “ the Belt and Road” initiative. 

For international trading companies, filing the application form of overseas investment projects is the first step to export. Only when the application is approved,a firm can process in customs filing, joining electronic ports and opening foreign exchange accounts. Learning this, Wendeng Development and Reform Bureau together with the Commerce Bureau accelerated the procedure and provided us one-to-one guidance to prepare relevant documents to make sure that Huatans overseas project construction progress will not be delayed.

Chen Binbin, deputy general manager of Weihai Huatan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. said:

We had  many difficulties in the process because of unfamiliar with the procedure at the beginning. Wendeng District Party Committee and District Government paid much attention to our problems and assigned the person in charge of relevant business to help us handle all the application documents. Even during weekends they still coordinated with provincial, municipal and other superior leadership departments to promote the procedure. We are confident to do better with such considerate and warm-hearted services.  

We actively respond to the national "the Belt and Road" initiative and "going global" strategy. We make use of our own resource advantages in Tanzania and innovate the international trade supply chain service system aiming to solve the problems of small order quantity and high trading risks in Africa. We are exploring a new service model of domestic exporters, cross-border e-commerce platform, overseas warehouses, overseas exhibition centers, and overseas comprehensive services” to provide series of services such as "customs clearance, logistics, exhibition, sales and financial settlement".

Under the encouragement and guidance of  Wendeng District Bureau of Commerce, Weihai Huatan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. has built the comprehensive service cooperation zone of East Africa Commercial and Logistics Industrial Park in Tanzania. This project consists of East Africa Commercial and Logistics Center, Huatan Overseas Warehouse, Exhibition Center, Zanzibar Airport Bonded Logistics Park and Cross-border E-commerce Platform. The total planned construction area is 117,700 square meters, and up to now, 41,700 square meters area has completed and put into use. A total investment of USD 46.5 million has been invested in building the Comprehensive Service Cooperation Zone of East Africa Commercial and Logistics Industrial Park. There are over 330 enterprises from all walks of life settling in the industry park and 941 members Chamber of Commerce of the East Africa Commercial and Logistics Center. In 2021, the trade volume of the comprehensive cooperation zone reached USD 257 million, driving the import and export of USD 280 million.

Yang Zhen, Marketing Director of  Weihai Huatan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. said:

With the help of the Bureau of Commerce, we cooperated with three wholesale markets: Jimo International Trade City, Yantai Sanzhan and Linyi Mall.

We provide a cross-border e-commerce platform to promote export and import trading. This e-commerce platform combined with Tanzania East Africa Commercial and Logistics Center Industrial Park to actively explore the emerging markets in Africa. We estimate the annual trade volume to be more than 1 billion yuan.

With the increase of customers and sales revenue, the development direction of Huatan Company has also changed slowly. In 2021, Huatan Company was selected as a key public overseas warehouse in Shandong Province. The Comprehensive Service Cooperation Zone of East Africa Commercial and Logistics Industrial Park became the first provincial-level overseas economic and trade cooperation park in Weihai and the first comprehensive African Commercial and logistics park in Shandong Province. This year, it was officially included in the statistics of overseas economic and trade cooperation parks of  the Ministry of Commerce of China.

In August 2021, we promoted the cooperation between Tanzania Trade Development  Authority (TCCIA) and Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce to sign a memorandum agreement. In December 2021, we promoted the cooperation between Tanzania's Ministry of Industry and Trade and Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce to sign a memorandum agreement. Participating in Tanzania International Trade Fair, which is known as the Canton Fair in Africa, Tanzania Exhibition of China Shandong Market Purchasing Trade, Sino-African Economic and Trade Exchange Expo, Shanghai International Import Expo, we promoted Tanzania's agricultural products into China market, and introduced Shandong's agricultural machinery, building materials and small commodities into Tanzania's market.

Huatan developed quickly from a smaller East Africa Commercial and Logistics Center with 75,000 square meters to a bigger Comprehensive Service Cooperation Zone of East Africa Commercial and Logistics Industrial Park covering area of 117,700 square meters.This is an important stage achievement of Huatan company, which presents the continuous improvement of the company's comprehensive competitiveness. It is Huatans strategic direction through step-by-step upgrading from a trading company to an integrated international trade in whole industrial chain model, and also it is the new beginning of Huatan's diversified business journey.

Liu Baoliang, legal representative of Weihai Huatan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. finally said:

In the future, Huatan company will continue to increase investment on R&D, pay more attention to innovation, actively explore domestic and foreign markets, firmly grasp the initiative of development, and strive for the high-quality development goal!

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