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Good News! Named As Shandong Province Service Trade Innovation and Development Demonstration Case
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On July 31, 2023, Shandong Service Trade Association announced the name list of demonstration cases of service trade innovation and development in Shandong Province. Weihai Huatan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. has achieved new development results in practicing the linkage mode of market procurement and foreign trade comprehensive services, and was selected as a demonstration case of service trade innovation and development in Shandong Province.


Weihai Huatan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. closely follows the "the belt and road" initiative and the "going out" strategy to promote economic cooperation and trade exchanges between China and Africa. The company invests in the construction of an entity project---East Africa Commercial and Logistics Center in Tanzania to build a comprehensive service platform for China-Africa economic and trade cooperation, integrating three new formats: comprehensive foreign trade service, market procurement and overseas warehouse to realize the combination business models and resource. After the effective combination of Huatan overseas warehouse, overseas exhibition center and cross-border e-commerce platform, a business platform of "integrating exhibition and warehouse" was formed. The new overseas warehouse mode of "exhibition and warehouse" effectively integrates the functions of exhibition, publicity, logistics, warehousing and distribution. In addition, the model of pre-exhibition and post-warehouse has achieved efficient linkage with the cross-border e-commerce platform, promoting the co-development online and offline.


The platform of the Cooperation Zone has put forward innovative measures in promoting trade exchanges between China and Africa and serving foreign trade enterprises: First, it can provide "one-stop" services such as customs, taxation, commodity inspection, logistics, finance and freight forwarding for settled enterprises; The second is to provide pledge guarantee to advance payment services to enterprises that meet the conditions to ensure trade orders can be completed smoothly; The third is to facilitate domestic import and export trading companies to go out and participate in overseas exhibitions and to expand overseas markets, and to provide long-term exhibition and promotion services for them.


Building a comprehensive service cooperation zone in countries along the "the belt and road " initiative and creating a mutually beneficial economic and trade platform are in line with the needs of foreign trade and economic cooperation in the national "Tenth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Service Trade". It also meets the requirements of building a service trade international cooperation demonstration zone to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional service trade.

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